Natural Feeding Our Dogs

We started feeding a species appropriate diet in 1997. What does that mean? It essentially means that what we feed our domesticated dogs mimics what their ancestors ate in the wild. All dogs are descendants of wolves and have the same digestive systems. Wolves hunt and kill their own food. Their prey consists of raw meat, bones, organs and the intestinal contents. When wolves were domesticated and eventually bred down into modern day domesticated dogs, their digestive systems did not change. Commercial kibble came on the market in the 1900’s. It was a way for factories to use spent grains and meat by products of animals. Ingredients were poor but advertising had people buying it out of convenience. Dogs started having shorter life spans and many diseases made a more common appearance. Things like skin problems, digestive issues and cancer. Twenty plus years ago when we started feeding our dogs raw species appropriate foods it was not common. Now there are many brands of premade raw mixes as well as readily available ingredients to do your own food. Co-ops have formed for bulk buying and even grocery stores carry raw pet food. It does not have to be hard and it does not have to be expensive. Many of us are eating fresh whole foods ourselves, why not our dogs? For your dog’s health please also be careful of what flea control, heartworm preventatives and how many vaccines you give your dog. Read ingredients and be your own pets advocate. We encourage you to research and learn more.